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AV1 is a royalty-free video compression format designed to succeed VP9. It presently competes with VP9, VVC, and HEVC. AV1 is computationally more complex than VP9, but is fast to decode due to the mature and efficient dav1d AV1 decoder. AV1 hardware accelerated decoding is also available on a variety of different consumer hardware devices, all of which are enumerated on Wikipedia. Standout entries include modern Intel, AMD, & Nvidia integrated & discrete GPUs, Google's Tensor SoC powering the Pixel line, Apple's A17 Pro in the iPhone 15 Pro series, and modern Mediatek & Qualcomm chips. YouTube is currently in the process of transitioning their videos to use AV1.

There are a number of viable AV1 encoding solutions available today. The three best, most ubiquitous, and free implementations are aomenc, SVT-AV1, & rav1e.